Auburn Hair Color


Auburn Hair Color

Auburn hair color is a warm and generally flattering color. It is sometimes mistaken with red, but it’s actually red with some russet or rich brown. There are many shades to choose from – more or less red, lighter or darker, more or less vivid, etc. It’s always popular (it is estimated that about 4% of the world’s population have this color), so if you are planning on a new makeover – auburn may be a great idea.

One thing you may want to do is see if this color is suitable with your skin tone. The easiest way is by using online salon software. These programs allow you to upload pictures and change the hair color. This way, you would be able to see whether auburn suits your skin tone well. The point is that it is a very distinct color, so it’s good to check if it would flatter you. Using salon software, you can also try out different haircuts in this and other colors.

The intensity of your new color will depend on your current hair color, and if you have natural or colored hair. For example, if you are blonde, you may end up with a very vivid auburn color. If you have darker hair, it may just tint your hair a little. I recommend anybody who is planning to turn their hair auburn, to visit their local hair salon and ask the pros. Better yet, let them color your hair too – then you will definitely know what to expect.

The final issue is that it may be tricky to maintain this color and not let it fade. However, the potential gains far outweigh the tiny nuisance of starting to visit your hair salon a bit more often. This color is usually very flattering and makes some women look like divas (which is probably why so many female celebrities wear it).